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Would you like to sell your product Japan?

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Thank you for visiting our company website.

 This page introduces our company, CIRCOOLE LLC., and how we will promote your product in the Japanese market.

Company Vision


Our mission is to spread cutting-edge products from all over the world to Japanese customers and to satisfy them.

We always value "hospitality" for product selection and business execution, and for all stakeholders including customers.

Through our business and products, we aim to transform and improve the quality of lifestyle and healthcare for our customers and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.


★Hospitality is considered not only in the field of hospitality, but in a broad sense, mutual satisfaction and co-creation is achieved by doing our best in each other, and is an indispensable element for enriching people and society. You.

This concept is increasingly important only in this era.

Our Business and Strengths

【Import・Trading・Product Sales (wholesale & retailing)】

We are heading to international exhibits in various fields around the world and always endeavor to discover the most advanced products which reflect the vision of the company.

A lot of great products are there, such as the product shortly after its development by a startup company, the product which achieved a high sales performance overseas but has not been seen in Japanese market yet and so on.


Discovering Products

International exhibits(Trade fair)around the world


Crowdfunding site around the world


Local negotiation directly

About Crowdfunding platforms in Japan



Makuake was spun out of CyberAgent, which is leading Internet advertising,

Media, Game business in IT industry. It has started crowdfunding service

since 2013 and expanded more than 6,000 projects by 2019. It has more 

than 200 successful projects, which raised over 10 million yen. In 2019, 

Makuake has filed an IPO on Tokyo Stock Exchange.



 GREEN FUNDING utilizes the assets of CCC (TSUTAYA) group and provides marketing supports beyond funding. It focuses on the success rate of every projects more than funding. The actual success rate in 2018 showed 86%. It doesn’t just concentrate on big projects such as “raising-thousand-of-money projects” but makes the most of appeals of every projects, as well as it provides several supports and advices for raisers to get more backers.



Since founded January in 2011, over 30,000 projects have been launched and raised above 18.1 billion yen by more than 2.04 million of backers, which makes it one of the largest Japanese crowdfunding platforms.

As a purchase-type crowdfunding platform, it marked the highest number of campaigns in 2017.

Another Sales Channel



Retail stores 


Exhibition (Tokyo Gift Show)

Tokyo International Gift Show is one of the largest international fairs for gifts and decorative accessories in Japan. The products for “clothing, food, living style and entertainment” are gathered and displayed by approximately 4 thousand of international exhibitors, classified into 8 categories and about 50 fairs.

Every exhibitor is from Japanese domestic manufactures, import trading companies, European and American manufactures, which specialize in a wide range of consumer goods. They exhibit their new products mainly inspired by consumer’s lifestyles.

It is one of the most practical trade fairs (only for traders), leading the Japanese market and distribution. 

We display our products at Tokyo International Gift Show.

Approach provided by CIRCOOLE LLC.

Start with an understanding of your product thoroughly.

After contacting us by email, we will have a Skype call to interview. Let’s get to know each other first.

We hold meetings on Skype or Zoom to deepen our understanding of products and work together on sales strategies and advertising methods.

Create a video and writings that describe the merits and ease of use of the product for Japanese consumers.

Then launch the project on MAKUAKE. Attracts attention by offering a discounted price.

Discussing imports of products into Japan and future production plans while observing the sales of projects provided by MAKUAKE (project support status). Depending on the sales, 

we will discuss with partners and wholesalers with a view to brick & motor store sales.

Exhibit at the Tokyo International Gift Show, a large-scale exhibition.

 Actively advertise not only to consumers but also to B2B buyers.

“Your product will be super popular in Japan” and we will continue discussing new product development together.

Bring your company “hospitality and new”

to Japan through CIRCOOLE LLC.

In the world, there are novel and wonderful products full of hospitality that improve the lifestyle of Japanese customers. We want to import such attractive products aggressively into Japan.

If you want to sell your products in Japan, please contact CIRCOOLE LLC. 

We will fully support the development of your products flexibly and understanding of the market.

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